ECD - Electro-Chemical Devices

  • Circular 08/2009 / TT-BTNMT and Circular 48/2011 / TT-BTNMT amending a number of articles of Circular 08/2009 / TT-BTNMT regulating the management and protection of the environment of enterprises and economic zones , high-tech zones, industrial parks and industrial clusters
  • Decree No. 38/2015 / ND-CP dated April 24, 2015 of the Government on management of waste and scrap.
  • Circular No. 35/2015 / TT-BTNMT dated June 30, 2015 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on environmental protection of economic zones, industrial parks, export processing zones and hi-tech parks
  • Circular 31/2016 / TT-BTNMT dated October 14, 2016 Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on environmental protection of industrial complexes, concentrated business and service areas, trade villages and production and business establishments , service
  • Circular 24/2017 / TT-BTNMT dated September 1, 2017 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on Technical Regulations on environmental monitoring
  • Automatic wastewater monitoring system (QTNT) is continuously installed to continuously monitor COD, pH, temperature, TSS and inlet and outlet water flow parameters. QTNT system is the integration of equipment of reputable manufacturers in the world; designed, installed and operated with stability, reliability and in accordance with the characteristics of the waste water source, as well as meeting the requirements of state management agencies in which scale requirements , accuracy.
  • The system works synchronously, automatically calibrates and cleans during operation smoothly for operation, maintenance, maintenance and repair. Hardware of QTNT system includes: equipment to monitor input and output flow continuously; equipment for monitoring continuous wastewater components include: COD, pH, temperature, TSS data transmission device (datalogger), electrical cabinet system, station house, ...
  • Software of the system includes: Data management system with application of EnviMS software on computer, on phone application with iOS and Android operating systems. The system, after being put into operation, ensures connection with the control system (PLC / SCADA / DCS) of the plant to optimize the operation process, easy data management (such as collecting and processing management, storage, inspection, standardization, reporting), minimizing environmental pollution and saving energy;
  • The system must be ready to transmit data to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment in accordance with the regulations of the State and local authorities, connecting to the data collection and management system of the future environmental management agency when necessary. In addition, the system uses data transmission equipment via static IP (FTP) to meet the requirements of MONRE on the transmission of automatic and continuous monitoring data and Circular 24/2017 / TT-BTNMT.
  • Equipment is tested according to Circular No. 23/2013 / TT-BKHCN dated September 26, 2013 on measurement for group 2 measuring devices. 
  • Flexible design to match the requirements of investors Automatic, continuous and simultaneous measurements can simultaneously measure many parameters Automatically store data Easy to control and monitor Module connection system makes it easy to integrate and expand Built-in relays alarm system when parameters exceed threshold Sampling and preserving samples automatically when parameters exceed the threshold Allows connection and remote control with the support of software and data transmission systems + Connect to the local computer of the control room to store data + Data transmission to the center by GSM / GPRS wireless communication solution and data sharing via LAN and internet
  • Indirect measurement by suctioning the sample into the sample tank placed in the cabinet or directly measured in the sewage ditch

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