ECD - Electro-Chemical Devices

Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) is a manufacturer of measuring equipment for liquid analysis. Founded in 1977, for over 40 years, ECD has built a leading reputation in the industry by its commitment to customers: Providing quality products, developing technical innovation and providing support services. support, understanding. Read more

Device display and control LQ800

Multi-channel controller Model LQ800 provides complete analytical and processing solutions. Multi-channel controller LQ800 is designed to operate with up to eight digital analysis and processing sensors. Read more

T80 display screen

ECD display and control device - Model T80 Series is a single or dual channel display device designed to continuously measure pH, ORP, pION, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Conductivity or Resistivity in the environment Industrial for many purposes. Read more

S80 multi-indicator sensor

Smart Sensor Model S80 is a complete liquid analysis sensor series including pH, ORP, Ion Characteristics, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Resistivity. Read more

Sensor measures turbidity and tss Triton® TR86

Sensor for turbidity and suspended solids - Triton® TR86 is an infrared optical sensor designed to analyze turbidity or suspended solids in water and wastewater. Read more

DO analyzer (Dissolved oxygen)

Triton DO82 ECD dissolved oxygen analyzer is a complete solution for long-term dissolved oxygen measurements in wastewater, aquaculture aeration tanks and all types of environmental water. Read more

Color comparator CA6

Color analysis analyzer Model CA-6 is an on-line sequential sampling analyzer, a series of sampling, analyzing and processing results performed and repeated by colorimetric method. Read more

UV6 UV analyzer

The UV6 analyzer is a group of on-line sampling analyzers that use UV absorption to perform analyzes. The analyzer is configured to perform analysis on a range of values ​​for each measured parameter, Read more

Residual Chlorine analyzer

Non-reagent residual chlorine analyzer: The residual chlorine analyzer ECD FC80 is pre-installed on the board and ready for use immediately after installation. Read more


The bacteriostatic activity monitoring device BC6 operates on the principle of a fluorescence measurement of a defined enzyme activity: measuring the specific enzyme activity of coliforms, E.coli Read more