Since its founding in 1990, UIT has been a competent partner to plan, evaluate, build and realize projects for the benefit of the environment along with many important milestones. testimony to the successful development in three main business areas: Environmental Monitoring, Water Technology and Mineral Resources. Read more

SENSOdive - Profiler

The multi-sensor module SENSOdive - Profiler is suitable for recording water quality profiles in groundwater observation wells or lakes. The system can be used with level diameters from 2“ and has a Bluetooth interface for wireless operation. Read more

SENSOcontrol Water Quality

The SENSOcontrol water quality measurement system is a compact unit for measuring and storing water quality parameters in laboratories and in the field. It comes with a large, ergonomically adjustable touch display. Read more

SENSOwater - Analysis Panel

The SENSOwater analysis panel is used particularly in drinking water monitoring and process control. The basic unit used is the SENSOcontrol water quality measurement system. Read more

SENSOsampler - Sampling System

The event-triggered sampling system SEN SOsampler is the combination of a powerful SEN SOdive multi sensor module with an automatic sampling unit. This sampler is triggered as function of a selectable measurement parameter (event-driven). Read more