Hyperclassic® - mixing system & air supply

The mixing system and air supply INVENT HYPERCLASSIC® is a liquid mechanically optimized aeration system with a hyperboloid shaped agitator body installed near the bottom and an engine mount on top of tank. The biggest difference with other products is HYPERCLASSIC® designed and developed not only for oxygen transport, but also for mixing and specifically designed tasks for parallel performance. this mission.
The operation mode of hyperboloid aerator / mixing system is described in the illustration below. Hyperboloid aeration / aeration device is illustrated with four main components, motors, axles, hyperboloid agitator bodies and ring-shaped sprinklers in activated sludge tanks, depending on the type of treatment plant, It could be a rectangular tank or a circulation tank. However, the system is also suitable for other tank types such as conveyor tanks or oxidation tanks that can be equipped with a HYPERCLASSIC® Mixing and Aeration System.
With the advantage of 8 specially designed and optimized moving-edge ridges, hyperboloid aeration / aeration system rotates close to the bottom and creates a continuous bottom flow to the outside. Especially at the bottom, this swirling flow also helps to sweep away and dissolve any sediment effectively. The flow rises along the walls and pushes the particles under the water. Thanks to the overall flow formed in the activated sludge tank, the level of mixing reaches the maximum level.
When in aeration mode, air or gas is blown under the hyperboloid mixer body. This is done through a separate pipe connected to the specially designed nozzle system beneath the hyperboloid mixer body. There, the air escapes and re-aggregates at the specially designed underside of the hyperboloid mixer body, equipped with dispersed tunnels and special cutting edges. When the hyperboloid mixer body rotates, the air in the dispersed tunnels is mixed with the waste water and separated into smooth bubbles by the cutting fins.
Then the main flow then transports these smooth bubbles to the outside and distributes them throughout the tank.
In summary, the mechanical aeration method is optimized by mixing and mixing with the following advantages:
  • Achieve optimal bubble size and high holding time thanks to the circular air distribution at the bottom of the tank.
  • Reach high oxygen and yield levels.
  • Oxygen concentration is evenly distributed throughout the tank.
  • Activated sludge blocks are provided with optimum oxygen to their cores (see diagram). This helps to significantly improve the quality of the sludge - especially the quality of sediment in the secondary settling tank.
  • The activated sludge blocks are distributed throughout the tank to help reduce sediment significantly.
  • Do not create aerosols as well as related problems such as hygiene and aesthetic issues, so there is no need to use protective covers.
  • No noise pollution
  • Low energy, installation and maintenance costs lead to minimal operating costs.
  • The system is completely unobstructed, has no membrane wear and no pressure drop over time


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