iDEC - SBR Surface Water Collection System

Development process SBR iDEC® Surface Water Collection System based on common characteristics of surface water collection system is to collect and discharge treated wastewater out of SBR tank. Before INVENT's surface water collector was developed, different surface water collection systems were used on the market with different results. This is why INVENT developed a new SBR Surface Water Collection System to discharge filtered wastewater from SBRs. Every detail makes a difference! Design of SBR - iDEC® Surface Water Collection System IDEC® Surface Water Collection System includes the following parts: 
1. Ministry of Water Collection The water collector is arranged horizontally and equipped with water collection holes specially designed for clean water to flow through during the water extraction stage. A mechanically optimized fluid bulkhead helps prevent floating sludge from entering the water collector during the water extraction phase. Both water collectors are made of high quality stainless steel 304 or 316 depending on specific requirements .
 2. Exhaust pipe The exhaust pipe connects the base of the surface water collector to the water collector. The pipe is divided into two parts for easy transportation and installation. All parts are made from high quality stainless steel similar to water collector.
3. The base of the surface water collector The base of the water collector is designed to withstand large mechanical loads and operate for years without problems. The design of the base is based on a rotating joint that operates without maintenance. This base can also be flexibly attached to the wall or floor of the tank as required.
4. Electric winch The electric winch of the surface water collector adjusts the position of the water collector in the tank. When in "off" mode, the water collector will be lifted out of the water to prevent mud and water mixture from flowing into the system. During the process of distillation, the electric winch controls the positions of the water collector that is submerged in the water and distilled according to the mud layer at a defined flood level. Electric winch and surface water collector are connected by high quality stainless steel cable.
5. Settling machine control system Surface water collector control system consists of an integrated circuit. Circuit control position winch during operation. No additional sensors are needed to control the operation of the cable winding, in addition to the water level sensors in the reservoir.


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