Residual Chlorine analyzer

Non-reagent residual chlorine analyzer: The residual chlorine analyzer ECD FC80 is pre-installed on the board and ready for use immediately after installation. FC80 is designed to monitor free chlorine (residual chlorine) in drinking water, industrial cooling water, waste water or other freshwater samples containing chlorine in the range of 0.05-20 ppm Cl2 (high measuring range) or 0.01 to 5.00 Cl2 (low measuring range). The FC80 residual chlorine analyzer has a plug and use design combined with flow control, pH sensor, chlorine sensor and T80 display mounted on a PVC panel. Connecting the sample lines and discharging, connecting power and output and FC80 are ready to use. The FC80 residual chlorine analyzer is pre-calibrated at the factory before release, additional calibration is performed by comparing DPD.
Features & Advantages:
  • No need to use reagents
  • Compliant with EPA Method 334.0
  • Automatically adjust traffic
  • PH compensation helps to eliminate added chemicals
  • Electrode life> 1 year

Photo: Residual chlorine analyzer


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