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AUTOMATIC STATION EXTRACTIVE METER METHOD - EXTRACTIVE 1. Legal basis Law on Environmental Protection No. 55/2014 / QH13 dated June 23, 2014 of the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; Circular 08/2009 / TT-BTNMT and Circular 48/2011 / TT-BTNMT amending a number of articles of Circular 08/2009 / TT-BTNMT regulating the management and protection of enterprises and economic zones , high-tech zones, industrial parks and industrial clusters (in Clause 3, Article 1: Amending and supplementing Clauses 2 and 4, Article 6); Article 39, Decree No. 38/2015 / NDCP dated April 24, 2015 of the Government regulating the installation of automatic monitoring equipment; Circular 31/2016 / TT-BTNMT on environmental protection of industrial clusters, business and service areas, trade villages and production, business and service facilities. Circular 24/2017 / TT-BTNMT dated September 1, 2017 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment regulating environmental monitoring techniques. 2. Introduction overview Automatic air monitoring system - continuously installed to continuously monitor parameters of SO2, NOx, CO, O2, NH3, CxHy, dust concentration, temperature and emissions ... System has the function of automatic calibration, convenient operation, easy to expand and the ability to connect data about the SCADA system of the plant or transfer data about the NTTT - DONRE (DONRE) when necessary. The analytical equipment of the continuous automatic emission monitoring system (abbreviated as: CEMS), manufactured and developed by Ohio Lumex (USA), always ensures consistency and convenience for operation. maintenance - repair and maintenance. Gas analyzing equipment must be able to simultaneously measure many different gases, must meet flexibly with fast measuring time, meet the changes of the current Vietnam Environmental Standards (QCVN) and require higher (extend or transmit signals away) in the future. The signals measured from the CEMS system are fully connected to the plant's existing control devices (PLC / SCADA / DCS) to optimize operation processes, minimize environmental pollution and weathering. energy saving. The post-commissioning system ensures connection to the plant's SCADA system for easy data management (such as collecting, processing, storing, checking, standardizing, reporting); The system must be ready to connect to the data collection and management system of the future Environmental Management Agency when necessary. Analytical equipment certified according to TUV standards (Germany). In addition, the system uses data transmission equipment via 3G / GPRS, Ethernet, ... to meet the requirements of MONRE in Guidance on the transmission of monitoring data automatically and continuously (according to Official Letter No. 5417 / BTNMT-TCMT November 18, 2016). Firms / suppliers ensure users can receive direct technical advice in handling technical issues from their representatives in Vietnam and directly from the manufacturer itself. In addition, the equipment is tested according to Circular No. 23/2013 / TT-BKHCN dated September 26, 2013 on measurement for group 2 measuring devices. Main equipment used: Multi-criteria analyzer, Sample gas stabilization system: pump, dust filter, flowmeter, chiller, water separator ... Gas sampling device on chimney, Sample gas pipes are heated, Dust measuring device, Flow measuring device, Temperature measurement device, Data collection system (DAS) Electric cabinet and auxiliary equipment PLC, MCB, Contactor, power supply ... 3. Principles of operation The exhaust gas is taken from the chimney through a dedicated sampling head (with automatic air blowing device to clean the measuring head / internal filter - pre-filter / automatic heating). Then, the sample is sucked into the heating tube (heated up to 120-175oC) to avoid condensation in the pipe (dew point). Next, the gas sample passes through the air conditioning system - stabilizing the sample, including: coarse dust filter, refrigeration equipment, fine dust filter / water separator, flowmeter ... to ensure that the sample gas is conditioned in The most optimal before going into the analyzer. After sample stabilization, the gas stream is introduced into the analyzer. Ultramat 23 is a multi-indicator analyzer that integrates two measuring principles: infrared and electrochemical oxygen measurement. The signal after analysis is transmitted to the dataloger by 4-20mA signal. In addition, the system was further developed by our automatic calibration section (including standard air cylinders). The device operates automatically and continuously, therefore, the drift and error of some other devices will change over time but for this analyzer is automatically calibrated (AUTOCAL mode). ) through ambient air.


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