Workshop Oxidation Pro Vietnam-Landustrie

Time: 14/04/2017
Location: White Palace Convention and Exhibition Center - 194 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan, Ho Chi Minh
Located in the series of important activities programs of Pro Vietnam, on April 14, 2017, Vietnam Pro Company cooperated with Landutrise (Netherlands) to hold a seminar on Oxidation Trench. At the workshop, environmental experts raised the importance of applying oxidation raceways to wastewater treatment tanks for wastewater treatment stations in urban and industrial areas. The workshop had the participation of more than 500 customers and partners from provinces and cities in the country, environmental science scientists, enterprises and research institutes from the North to the South, delegates reported to attend attend. Photo: Crowded customers and partners to attend the seminar at White Palace.

Photo: Pro Vietnam environmental expert presented on Oxidation Trench
At the Seminar, Pro Vietnam Environmental Specialist gave a presentation on the application of Oxidation Technology for industrial wastewater treatment stations and urban projects nationwide. Oxidation biological biological treatment technology is an improved form of Aerotank complete mixing to work in long aerobic conditions to enhance nitrogen treatment, phosphorus besides processing organic substances in waste water. many residential areas. This technology is based on the development of suspended activated sludge, activated sludge microorganisms that oxidize organic compounds, break down the bonds in pollutants, and minimize the level of pollution in the water. waste. Oxidation raceway technology has the ability to remove nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus in high wastewater. Oxidation raceway technology is being applied to treat domestic wastewater in a number of factories in Vietnam such as: Phu Giao, Chu Pah, Chu Prong, Sa Thay rubber waste water treatment plants, ..
 Photo: Expert from Landustrie on Oxidation Trench
Photo: Overview of Pro Vietnam Workshop on Oxidation Trench Technology
Photo: Customers take souvenir photos after the seminar ends.