Pro Vietnam Company transferred technology solutions

Time: 12/05/2017
Location: partner meeting room
Experts from Landustrie and Pro Vietnam have collaborated and exchanged and shared the solution of oxidation raceway technology, offering solutions to apply the outstanding advantages of this technology to waste water treatment. urban and industrial. Oxidation raceways are a solution for optimal control and flexible design of activated sludge treatment in wastewater treatment. Along with that, the cost is saved thanks to less construction, easy installation and low maintenance. Ideal for urban and industrial wastewater treatment applications Typical processes included in the design of the raceway system may include activated sludge, additional sludge treatment, nitrification / denitrification, biological nutrient removal and aerobic sludge treatment. The remarkable point of the Oxidation Ditch system Simple, reliable, smooth operation. The process control method is not limited - it is easy to automatically control the aeration process when stirring using DO or ORP signal. Environmental friendliness Flexible design Significant reduction in construction costs. ·

 Photo: Sharing exchange "Dutch Landustrie surface aeration device" with the Center for Development, Application of Environmental Technology and Technology.