Stirrers create landox flow

In modern air supply systems, air supply and mixing are often separated separately. Flow generation is usually carried out with stirring of horizontal or vertical axis. Landox mixing paddle is a vertical shaft mixer with vertical cylindrical drum with 16 radial impellers. Engine, buffer, oil check point are all on the water.
Landox dynamic agitators, specifically designed for oxidation raceways, have advantages over horizontal and vertical flow generators:
High oxygen transfer performance
Landox flow wings create perfect flow in the laminar flow mode through the channels of oxidation ditches. When combined with a fine bubble air supply system, it will increase the system's oxygen transfer efficiency by at least 10%
No sedimentation
The different rotational speed of the flow mixing paddle corresponding to the water velocity will create the optimum mixing, so there will not be a dead zone at the bends so there is no sedimentation in these locations. />
No heavy maintenance work

The engine, the buffer and the test point are all located on the water surface, the maintenance and inspection works are simple on the tank operation floor. Transmission systems including engines and transmissions are available in the market.
No stuffy
Due to the special flow-forming characteristics, Landox series stirrers are not choked by fiber solids, garbage like other conventional flow generators.
Sediment flocculation system
  • The main components of the blade wiper system include:
  • Operation platform made of ordinary steel, stainless steel or aluminum
  • The engine rotates vane on the rail, fixed on the tank wall
  • Mud wheel rotates around the central tube. Sludge blade link system and rotating bridge
Options include:
  • Floating Flusher
  • Water toilet tray cleaning unit
  • Other options if desired
Not only acting as a supplier of Landustrie products (Netherlands) in Vietnam, Pro Vietnam also cooperates with Landustrie in manufacturing environmental technology products in Vietnam. Sediment vane is a typical product for this collaboration.

Our blade-type sediment slurry system has a simple and solid structure, which helps to effectively remove the sediment from the bottom of the tank to settle the sludge collection hole. When necessary, we can equip the surface flotation system with the bottom sludge system, which helps to remove floating flotation and surface supernatant into the collecting hole to discharge.

In cooperation with Landustrie, the company with more than 20 years of experience in the design of sludge vane, Pro Vietnam confidently brings to customers customers a high quality sediment sludge vane system, reliable operation, demanding ask less effort for maintenance and repair.

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