DO analyzer (Dissolved oxygen)

Triton DO82 ECD dissolved oxygen analyzer is a complete solution for long-term dissolved oxygen measurements in wastewater, aquaculture aeration tanks and all types of environmental water.
DO82 dissolved oxygen measurement sensor uses fluorescence quenching method to determine the oxygen concentration in water. The use of this optical method helps reduce maintenance, increases reliability and improves the long-term accuracy of measurements in demanding industrial and municipal wastewater applications. DO82 dissolved oxygen measuring sensor is not affected by the change of flow, pH or conductivity of the sample and does not need to replace or adjust the membrane, electrolyte or assembly of anode / cathode like other sensor types.
  • Dissolved oxygen analysis system by optical method
  • Sensor has built-in calibration data
  • The membrane cover has a long service life
  • Membrane cap easily replaced
  • Designed with fixed or removable water cable
  • Direct interface with T80 Display Device
Photo: ECD Triton DO82 dissolved oxygen analyzer


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