Sensor measures turbidity and tss Triton® TR86

Sensor for turbidity and suspended solids - Triton® TR86 is an infrared optical sensor designed to analyze turbidity or suspended solids in water and wastewater. This online turbidity meter has two optical configurations, one with side lenses, one for flow and plugging, and the other with front mounted lenses, for plugging or vertical mounting in the system. pipeline. Triton® TR86 turbidity sensor designed for operation with Model T80 Display and Control Device. The T80 display device allows combining turbidity / suspended solids measurements with other standard measurements, S80 pH, S80 ORP, S80 pIon, S80 conductivity, S80 dissolved oxygen or DO82 dissolved oxygen. Applications:
  • Monitoring waste discharges at wastewater treatment plants
  • Interrupt filter or backwash
  • The clarity level of the settling pond
  • Surface water monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
Photo: Sensor measures turbidity and suspended solids - Triton® TR86


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