Landy 7 surface aeration equipment is put into use at Nui Tien fruit and vegetable wastewater treatment station

Project: Wastewater treatment system for pure water plants, herbs and Nui Tien fruits Pro Vietnam is pleased to be the exclusive supplier of Landy 7 surface aeration products in the form of the first float in Vietnam, allowing oxygen efficiency of 2.1- 2.3 kgO2 / kWh and the most sustainable for rotation speed of 45-73 revolutions / minute, helping to save power and control the amount of oxygen injected. Read more

Experts from Landustrie and Pro Vietnam engineers coordinate to successfully install 02 air supply units at the GreenFeed wastewater treatment station.

With the support of experts from Landustrie, Pro VN engineers coordinate with construction contractor engineers to successfully install 02 37 kW Landy 7 surface air generators for oxidation-to-public technology. The main technology of the Waste Water Treatment Plant for a safe pork farm named Vietnam Village in Hong Son Commune, Ham Thuan Bac District, Binh Thuan Province is invested by GreenFeed Group. Read more

Landy 7 surface aeration equipment is put into use at the Xuyen Xuyen A industrial park wastewater treatment station

SUPPLY LANDUSTRIE SURFACE SURFACE DEVICES - NETHERLANDS 02 Landy 7 machines were operating under conditions of loading waste water into the tank ---------------------------------------------- Wastewater treatment system in Xuyen A Industrial Park: • Capacity: 6000 m3 / day • Scope of work: Provide 2 30 kW surface aeration devices for aerotank aerated biological tank for complete mixing. Read more

Cooperation Vietnam Pro-ECD

Pro Vietnam is pleased to welcome 02 Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) experts from the US to support the operation and maintenance of equipment for the project of building two automatic surface water monitoring stations in Ca Mau province. Read more