WWTP station of Nui Tien fruit juice factory (belonging to TH True Milk Group)

Project: Wastewater treatment system for pure water plants, herbs and Nui Tien fruits Capacity: 1,000 m3 / day Contractor: Koastal Eco Industries Owner: TH True Milk Group Year of implementation: 2018 Location: Nghia Son Commune, Nghia Dan District, Nghe An Province, Vietnam Read more

WWTP of pig farm in Vietnam Village of Green Feed Group.

• Location: Ham Thuan Bac (Binh Thuan) • Capacity: 600 m3 / day • Scope of work: Designing improved oxidation raceway technology and supplying 02 surface air supply machines with a capacity of 37 kW / machine. Read more

Dong Kalong & West Kalong Urban wastewater treatment station

Location: Mong Cai (Quang Ninh) Capacity: 4,000 m3 / day & 8,000 m3 / day  Scope of work: Level 2 x 30 kW and 2 x 45 kW surface air supply for oxidation raceway technology Read more

WWTP of Chu Pah rubber factory

Location: Chu Pah district, Gia Lai province. Capacity: 550 m3 / day. Scope of work: Landy 7 shaft and paddle level replaces the existing shaft and wing with a capacity of 55 kW. Read more

Wastewater treatment station of Sa Thay rubber factory

• Location: Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province • Capacity: 620 m3 / day • Scope of work: Landy 7 shaft and stirrer with a capacity of 30 kW. Read more

WWTP for Chu Prong rubber processing factory

• Location: Gia Lai • Capacity: 1,200 m3 / day; • Scope of work: Level 2 x 75 kW surface air supply machine for oxidation raceway technology. Read more

Wastewater treatment station for poultry slaughter plant under CP Group (Thailand)

• Location: Binh Phuoc • Capacity: 8,000 m3 / day • Scope of work: granting 04 hyperboloid stirrers (7.5 kW / machine) invent company - Germany  for complete anaerobic mixing tank (An-CSTR). Read more