Pump station works in My Tan commune, My Loc district, Nam Dinh, Nam Dinh city.

Large capacity pumping station works by Landustrie Sneek B.V Installing the northern basin drainage channel in My Tan commune, My Loc district, Nam Dinh, Nam Dinh city. The project has a total investment of 173.5 billion VND, in which the main item is a screw pump station equipped with 13 large capacity units, each of which has the capacity to drain 1.2 m3 of water per second. All equipment is provided by Landustrie Sneek B.V Group (Kingdom of the Netherlands) with the value of VND 37 billion. In addition, there is a canal system from Highway 10 (Loc Vuong ward) to a pump station longer than 5km, investment capital of 77.5 billion and discharge channel longer than 1.3 km from the pump station to the Red River, investment capital 35 billions dong. The project of Screw pump station and drainage canal in the northern basin of My Tan commune, My Loc district, Nam Dinh city of Nam Dinh city has an important meaning in renovating and upgrading the city infrastructure and contributing part to overcome the situation of flooding in the inner area into serious developments recently.
Landustrie Sneek B.V 

Photo: Engineer is installing pump at the project

Photo: Check the pump before installation 

Photo: Pump after installation